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The World Collector Project is an attempt by a stamp collector to pull together as much stamp data as possible coupled with the tools used by a collector in a digital form, and to make these available to all collectors at no cost.

No cost here means FREE in the old sense. That is this web page does not install any cookies to grab browsing history and sell on to third parties, the application is not advert supported and contains no Malware or other intrusive applications, it is NOT a free trial pay later application it simply works straight out of the box.

Included in World Collector is the main application which is a database which can be searched and modified to suit your collecting interest it does not make any attempt to define your collection, but is tool that you can use to mimic your collection. This does take some work and has a learning curve associated with it.

The application once downloaded and installed makes no changes to your computer except to add a few folders to hold data for the application and any personal data about your collection.

Stamp Images are not included in the database, these are held externally, to keep the database size down to a minimum and allow you to use the images as you see fit. Once running the application can be used to download images already assigned to stamp data for countries you collect no need to have thousands of unused and unwanted images on your computer.

The main database has data on over 420,000 stamps at this moment and is growing.

Catalogs, in World Collector these are referred to as 'lists', you can enter as many lists as you wish, a few are defined as downloaded. Once defined you can add a list number and values and then sort the list any way you choose. When a list is used to select stamp data the sort order for that list is used to display the selected data.

The application includes a magnifier so you can scan in an image of your own stamp and then use the magnifier to examine the stamp on your computer screen.

There is also a digital perforation gauge, subject of course to all the problems of image accuracy and resolution. Mainly to be used as a guide only.

Data from the database can be freely exported in CSV format readable by just about all spreadsheet applications available today.

When searching for stamp data to identify a stamp the application includes image recognition, scan in an image of your stamp follow the instructions and the application will search its image database for matching images, then allow you to use the data from a match to search the main database.

The application will also produce album pages from your selection of stamp data, after selecting data from the database a few clicks with the mouse is all it takes. Again the results are entirely dependent upon the stamp size information in the database, where this is missing you can add and recreate the album until it matches your needs.

The application will also export your album definition as an AlbumEasy file, including any images you select, for further modification using the AlbumEasy application available here. If you use AlbumEasy already you can visit the AlbumEasy download page here to download albums already created using the World Collector application.

Album definitions and AlbumEasy files can be shared with whoever you wish.

For a more complete description of World Collector you can download the operating manual here.

I visit a forum on a regular basis from where you can contact me as well, click the link below to visit it is worth joining:-

Helping World Collector

Any stamp colleting database is always hungry for data and World Collector is no exception. Stamp sizes appear to be the biggest area where the data is quite scarce.

There are other simple ways of helping grow the database and\or making it more accurate contact me and I can explain these easy ways.


Read my notes on internet security then:-

Visit the downloads page to download the setup application for your operating system.