World Stamp Collector

The initial download to install World Stamp Collector is a simple setup application. On windows this is a .exe file and on the MAC it is a .DMG file.

Both operating systems will warn you that it is an application downloaded from the internet allthough quite obvious.

When Ready

Download the setup application for your operating system.

Windows 64 Bit    WSC Setup (x64).exe

MAC                     World Stamp Collector Setup.DMG

After the Download is completed navigate to your downloads folder or whichever folder the file was downloaded to and double click the exe file to run.

On the MAC double click the .DMG file to mount the image and when complete double click the wsc Update application to run.

This will,  after checking your internet connection and the needed Permissions to create folders in your Documents folder, display the following:-

WSC Setup Form

This is a screenshot from the MAC version the windows version is the same.

Click Cancel to simply close the application.

Clicking Setup will start the process of creating the folders in your Documents folder:-

These are

World Stamp Collector

These are the same for all operating systems.

It will then download the main application and install this into

'C:\World Stamp Collector'

On the MAC the applications are copied to your application folder.

Two applications are downloaded.

1. The main 'World Stamp Collector (x..).exe \(mac)
2. WSC Update (x..).exe \(mac)

The main databases are then downloaded and installed in the Database folder in your documents folder.

The help files are finaly downloaded and installed in the Help folder in your documents folder.

You can then use the World Stamp Collector application.

No images or Albums etc are downloaded at this time.

After the install you can create a desktop shortcut, if you are not sure how to do this consult the documentation supplied with your operating system.

You can now run the application.

For downloading Albums, images etc. Check out the Updateing World Collector Page.