This is an application downloaded from the Internet! Are you sure you want to run it?

How many times have you been asked that question?

Sometimes a pain but it is there to protect you, if your computer is shared between members of your family another user could have downloaded something you are not aware of. This helps you think a little. Of course if you have downloaded it you can say yes.

The World Collector application is no different it is new(ish) and should be treated with the same caution as other freely available applications so ask the same questions first.

1. Is it just a general application that apeals to everyone?

If it is then give a little pause anyone wanting to hack your computer will want maximum widespread effect so is unlikely to target a particular group of people.

World collector is only of use and only apeals to stamp collectors a small proportion of computer users.

2. Is the application a simple easy application that can be written in just a few hours with no great effort?

Hackers do not like to have to work hard at getting your attention so a small attractive application is better for them.

World Collector is the result of thousands of hours of work typing in all the data and gathering all the images not to mention the programming hours spent over a hot keyboard.

3. Can I contact the author\company that is offering it for free?

Further to that do they give you sensible and pertinant answers to your question?

You can contact me through the forums of which I am a member, they are listed on the home page leave me a message there or if you register you can send me an email.

I cannot promise to give you a sensible answer every time but I will try.

4. Does the website I saw the application on install cookies on my computer?

Most infections are introduced through cookies from websites you visit, these can be quite nasty and persistent. there are hidden folders on the computer where these can be stored ready to use later after running for a while.

Some tell you others do not, a good AV programme here will let you know.

World Collector does not install any cookies and uses a special download folder for all it downloads which is then deleted after the downloading is finished.

So if your'e happy with the answers you can take a chance.

The best way to check any application downloaded from the internet is to have an old computer you no longer use and install it on that. If all goes well and everything carries on working then it is a good bet that you can install it on your main computer for you to use.

Now World Collector is a new application downloaded by a small group of people so has not built up that trust level amongst the AV programmes to be whitelisted. The author feels it best not to pay the AV programmes to whitelist it, makes no sense for a free programme.

World Collector also contacts the internet for its downloads so many will complain Hey! World Collector is trying to contact the internet.

The only time the internet is contacted is entirely under your control. It is only during the intial setup and when you are checking for updates. Running the main application on its own it will never attempt to connect to the internet. It is one reason why the main application is shut down before running the update application.

With internet security it is best to consider what is important to you. For me it is all the photographs, letters and documents stored on my computer. A well behaved application will allways store your documents and data in the documents folder.

The computer can allways be replaced and the applications you run on that computer can allways be replaced, keep the setup files or discs you have for each application just in case.

Now backup all your data. The best way is to buy an external drive which plugs into your USB port once running you can simply copy the whole Documents folder to the drive (check how much space you need before buying the drive).

When the copy is complete unplug the drive after ejecting etc and store the drive where it will not be plugged in by accident.

No computer virus yet invented can infect a drive that is not conected so if you are hacked, or even if your computer simply decides to stop working, and all your data is deleted you can simply wipe the whole computer and reset to factory settings add your trusted applications and then copy all your data back onto the computer, unplugging afterwards.

Copying can take some time but there are some intelligent backup programmes available that will only copy files that have changed since the last time the computer was backed up saving lots of time.

World Collector will never ask you for any personal information of any kind, that is the application and if you contact me I will not ask for any informtion either. if you do contact me by email your adress will never be shared by me at all and maybe forgotten as I do not do any marketing splurges at all.

There are more things you can do but these are way beyond my small talents to explain.

So please enjoy World Collector and stay internet safe.