World Stamp Collector

Updateing the world collector application is started from the main form of the main application.
Select Help|> Check For Update on the menu system.

This will prompt you to tell you that the main application will close and will need to be restarted after updateing is complete.

Clicking the Yes button will stop the main application and start the Update application as shown below:-

WSC Update Form

If you are running the application for the first time the Last Download dates will all be blank.

Clicking the done button will simply close the application.

Each of the TABS refer to a different portion of the updates available you do not need to download everything.

For example if you do not want Albums then simply ignore the Albums tab.

To download images select the Images tab and you will be shown a list of all the countries for which images are available. There will also be two extra buttons.

To start the download of the images you require select the country from the list, this will be shown highlighted. You can select more than one country by holding down the Ctrl\cmd key and selecting another country.

After you have highlighted all the countries you need click the update button and the download\s will start.

After downloading the images are copied to the Images folder in your documents folder ready for the main application to use.

Any images allready in the folder will not be overwritten preserving your images, if you have assigned any.

The same procedure is followed for Albums and AlbumEasy files.

The extra buttons are to simplify checking for updates.

The Show All button will simply show every download available regardless.

The Show Updated button will only show the files that have been updated since your last download.

While downloading the progress of the download is shown on the progress bar.